Stanislav Vysotskyi was born 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 14 went to the circus studio in Kiev and after four years started to work as a juggler with a small circus touring all over the country and few years later abroad. After many years of juggling experience Stanislav has recognized and developed his own style and juggling technic which is based on foot-tossing-juggling. This technic allows him to juggle with the bare feet while standing. His most remarkable tricks are juggling with one foot of three or even four balls, that has never been done before.
In December 2014 Stanislav moved to Germany and now lives in Berlin. 


1997 – Kiev Circus Studio “Youth of Kiev”




2000–2005 – Graduated Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. Speciality is Stage Producer (Diploma). Directing and Acting skills.


2002 – Laureate of the International festival of circus art among youth in St. Petersburg, Russia

2003 – All Ukrainian youth festival of circus arts (3d place).

2015 – The Grand Award of the Jury at the Newcomer Show in Krystallpalast Variete, Leipzig, Germany

2018 – The Bronze Prize at the 12th Budapest Circus Festival,

– Special Award of Cirque du Soleil,

– Special Award of Circus Minsk

Experience 2001-2008

04/2001–09/2002 – Kiev State Circus // Ukraine tour

02/2003–05/2003 – Variety in Hangzhou, China

09/2003–12/2003 – Variety in Hangzhou, China

2004 – miscellaneous events in Ukraine

11/2005–05/2006 – Park Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea

06/2006 – juggling act (directed by Tatiana Kuznetsova)- Gala for the Princess of Monaco Stefania, Variety, Kiev, Ukraine

09/2006 – juggling act – Variety “Alegro”, director N. Kobzov, Kiev, Ukraine

12/2006–09/2007 – Ship, night clubs, festivals, different events in South Korea

07/2007 – TV Show “Star King”, Seoul, South Korea

01/2008 – Event at Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai, UAE

04/2008–11/2008 – juggling act and character in the show “Opera dreams” directed by Franz Harary – Park Seoulland, Seoul, South Korea

2009 - 2014

01/2009–08/2009 – Cruise ship AIDAdiva

02/2010–08/2010 – Cruise ship AIDAdiva

09/2010–04/2011 – Cruise ship AIDAbella

Summer 2011 – 1st International Circus Festival in Kiev “Golden Trick”

09/2011–04/2012 – Cruise ship AIDAdiva

10/2012–03/2013 – Cruise ship AIDAluna

09/2013–04/2014 – Cruise ship AIDAdiva

06/2014 – Dubai, World Trade Center, Summer Event

10/2014 – Dubai, show in a shopping mall

Moved to Germany

05/2015 – Gala Show and Workshop at Brianza Juggling Convention,Italy

05/2015 – Gala Show and Workshop for children in Jena, Germany

07/2015 – The Grand Award of the Jury at the Newcomer Show in Krystallpalast Variete, Leipzig, Germany

08/2015 – Gala Show at European Juggling Convention 2015 in Bruneck, Italy

10/2015 – Krystallpalast Variete Leipzig, Germany

11/2015 – Variete GOP Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

12/2015 – Rohan-Variete, Gasthaus zum Lamm Ettenheim, Germany

01/2016 – Replacement of Kris Kremo in Variete GOP Hannover, Germany

02/2016 – Theater Schmidt Tivoli on Tour Hamburg, Germany

03-04/2016 – Variete GOP Bremen, Germany

05-06/2016 – Variete GOP Munich, Germany

07-11/2016 – Variete Krystallpalast, Leipzig, Germany

11-12/2016 – Festungsvarieté Koblenz, Germany

01/2017 – Theater Schmidt Tivoli, Hamburg, Germany

04/2017-06/2017 Friedrichsbau Varieté, Stuttgart, Germany

06/2017-08/2017 Kaiserbädersaal, Heringsdorf, Germany

09/2017-11/2017 – Pegasus Varieté, Bensheim, Germany

12/2017 – Varieté in Seepark Hotel, Geldern, Germany

01/2018 – 12th International Budapest Circus Festival, Hungary

01/2018 – 03/2018 Capital Circus of Budapest, Hungary